MBLC Website

Muska Ball and Leather Making Company (MBLC) Limited is one of the private Production Companies in Afghanistan working for the women’s sake especially the vulnerable ones. MBLC is a production company its products are Balls (Football, Volleyball and kids ball) and leather products. Their products are sold globally.

MBLC came to NCST with the challenge of creating an e-commerce site that would work as an online catalogue and be easy to update. The goal of developing the website was to brand and grow the company. By creating an online showcase for MBLC’s Ball and leather products line, users were able to easily view and purchase the handmade products.

Design: The site design was needed to be warm and open to reflect MBLC’s identity.

Platform – For this project we selected Open Cart CMS. Open Cart is the only option to save both time and money and to keep customers happy. Open Cart allows to keep all of the information in a centralized database, with automatic invoice generation and reporting systems.

Development – HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax, J-query

The end-result is stunning; the combination of MBLC’s incredible products design strategy and our innovative User Experience (UX) makes the site stand out from the productive industry on all devices, from desktop to mobile, and helped increase sales.

Visit MBLC in action